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Rooms available for immediate occupancy - no deposit required. Wolf Moon Jan 2022 - photo by Rod Flying Scotsman Visits the Allotments - May 2021 Aerial view Jan 24th 2021 - heavy wet snow Jan 24th 2021 Challenge Shield winners 2020 - Emily & Nicola June 2020 Bottom road repairs 2020 nearly finished Working Party to repair the bottom road - Jan 2020 Pumpkin shelved for maturity - who said they grow on the ground Challenge Shield Winner 2018 - Salvatore The trenching machine for the 2018 water replacement system Top road pipe trenching We used a lot of wheelbarrows when we put the new troughs in We made quite a mess of the top car park The new stop-cock and connections Open Day 2017 Open Day 2017 A happy flower for Open Day 2017 Open Day 2017 Slow-worms. They are quite harmless, don't bite, and are a protected species. Spring - mid-April 2016 Five years together - is that a wedding dress? The Restoration men have been December 2015 - know the code? Prize winning plot 2015 Janet get 1st Prize Byfleet Show 2015 A local resident - please don't feed! A Winner at Byfleet horticultual show 2015 - well done Howard Another Byfleet winner who joined the WBA 2015 BBQ And it rained and it rained and it rained Christmas 2013 New Year 2014 Janet wins best plot 2012 at the Byfleet Horticultural show Howard collects his cup for the winning veg. Jo & Graham get their prize from the Mayor - Byfleet show 2012 Tornado - did you notice the apple blossom? The Swap Shop Golden Raspberries 2011 Squash harvest 2011 Prize winning marrow 2009 - Chertsey Show Mice! Easter Sunday Strawberry 2012 Wild Garlic Garlic The BBQ 2012 The BBQ 2012 Slow worm - nature's slug control Summer plot A place to sit Sunflower It's those two again Wurzle Gummage eat your heart out New guardians have arrived How tall is that! Down by the railway under a shady tree... Onion gone to seed Kale? Lettuce running away with themselves Wow! A helping hand Sheerwater Scouts helping out It's quiet this time of year Waiting for Spring In the bleak mid-winter Snow hammock over brassicas Sweet! Bean Bottles? Summer on the allotments The bottom road is closed again Water collection The humble shed Shed for one DIY shed construction Lean Two? Save every drop