Site Security

At the AGM on 13 November 2015 plot-holders decided that our allotment site should be protected by means of locked gates. This is in line with the other allotment sites in the borough and should keep out fly tippers and other unwanted visitors. 

All plot-holders should unlock the gate when they arrive and lock it after they enter the site. This will be done by means of a combination padlock.

It is important that the padlock is not left showing the combination number at any time. To avoid personal injury or damage to vehicles each gate must be secured when open, using the drop-down bolts. When opening or closing the gates please keep your fingers clear of the moving parts. Children must not be allowed to operate or play with the gates.

Questions and Answers

Q 1. Do we really need to have locked gates?

A. Yes. Over the last few years we have experienced antisocial behaviour, theft, unauthorised parking and fly tipping. Having the gates locked will reduce these problems.

Q. 2 May I write down the combination number?

A. Yes, but in a disguised form. You should also hide the combination number on your plot. It could be written or painted on a small stone.

Q.3 What happens if I get locked in and have forgotten the combination number?

A. Keep calm. If another plotholder is not available then telephone a Committee member in which case you may be asked a security question to confirm your identity. Please do not try and climb the gates or fences.

Q. 4 Will I be able to open the gates at night?

A. Yes, but a torch is recommended for reading the combination number.

Q. 5 What about those people (eg a delivery vehicle) who need to visit the site, but are not plot holders?

A. They will have to make an appointment with you. If you want family members or friends to water your plot or harvest your crops when you are on holiday, then you may give them the combination number on the understanding that they will not disclose it to others.

Q. 6 What happens if arriving and departing vehicles meet at the gates?

A. The driver of the departing vehicle should open the gates while the driver of the arriving vehicle reverses towards Stoop Court. The departing vehicle then leaves and the driver of the arriving vehicle is responsible for locking the gates.

Q. 7 What happens if more than one vehicle is leaving or entering the site at the same time?

A. The driver of the leading vehicle should unlock the gates and the driver of the last vehicle should lock the gates.

Q. 8 What about pedestrian and cyclists?

A. A pedestrian or cyclist should unlock the gates when entering or leaving the site at the same time as a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle should then lock the gates.

Q. 9 Will the combination number be changed on a regular basis?

A. This will depend on how well plot holders safeguard the combination number. We hope that a change will not be necessary at less than two year intervals.

Q. 10 Will the emergency services have the combination number?

A. Yes. If the emergency services are called to the site, and circumstances make it possible, the gates should be opened and attended by a plotholder who should direct the emergency vehicle to the appropriate part of the site.

Q. 11 Can someone show me what to do?

A. Yes. Ask a committee member to demonstrate use of the gates and the combination number padlock.

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