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Privacy Policy for Members

Your Consent

By asking to be on our waiting list and /or becoming a plot-holder you will have implicitly give your consent for to us to hold your details on our database. If you do not want your data to be held, then you will not be able to join our waiting list or become/remain a plot-holder.

What We Use Your Information For

We only use your personal information to administer your membership and email you with news and updates from time-to-time.  This is an essential part of our ability to manage membership of the allotments, and without it we are unable to rent a plot to you.

Sharing Your Data

We do not share or pass on your details to any third party unless we are required to by law.  The only exceptions to this is if you are a winner in the Woking Borough Council allotments competition.  In this case the Council may ask us for your name and address to send you your winner's information - we will ask you first before providing that information.

What Information We Hold

Information we hold is limited to your name, address and contact details, the allotment plot numbers allocated to you and the annual rent. 

Additionally we hold some key dates such as when you joined the waiting list and became a plot-holder, last logged-in, if you are on the committee, what type of member you are (waiting-list/plotholder/associate member) and some text notes if we feel we need to remember something that help us manage your membership. 

If you are a plot-holder you can see all the data we hold on you by logging-in to the members area of this web site. Not all of this data is directly editable by you, but if you would like it changed or removed we will do so if you contact us.

Other than yourself, only some committee members have access to this data.

Deleting Your Data

When you are no longer a plot-holder we delete your data and remove you from our mailing list unless you ask us not to.  Deletion is automatic and is done four months after you leave.  This delay is a "cooling off" period in case you change your mind and want to re-join.

Plot Holders

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