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open all open... 29th Dec 2015

A Moment in History

Gates Locked and Site Secure

Gates Locked For the first time in plot-holder memory the gates are now locked at all time.

If this is a surprise to you, then please see the Site Security Page

Keeping the gates closed will keep out unwanted visitors, fly tippers and late night revellers.  A minor inconvenience for some peace of mind, and a feeling that you are secure on the site.

Please feed any comments back via our contact enquiry form

open... 21st Nov 2015

Working Party, Seed Orders, Site Security

Rent rise for 2016

Working Party - Sunday 29th November 10:00am

There will be a working party at 10am on Sunday 29 November which will be clearing leaves from the ditch and if time allows, cutting back vegetation on the Stoop Court boundary.

Please join us if you can. Useful tools include forks, rakes, leaf grabbers and loppers. Wellington boots and gloves are recommended.

Organic Seed Catalogue

Seed orders should be in by the end of November.  If you are having trouble completing your order, please contact Mike seeds @  n 01932 340885.

Please make sure you either place your order online at the WBA Allotments site or on an order form from the catalogue.

Site security

At the AGM on 13 November 2015 plotholders decided that our allotment site should be protected by means of locked gates. This is in line with the other allotment sites in Woking and should keep out fly tippers and other unwanted visitors. Therefore plotholders should unlock the gate when they arrive and lock it after they enter the site. This will be done by means of a combination padlock.

The combination number will being notified to all plotholders shortly, and once this is done the new security measures will be put in place.

 It is important that the padlock is not left showing the combination number at any time. To avoid personal injury or damage to vehicles each gate must be secured when open, using the drop-down bolts. When opening or closing the gates please keep your fingers clear of the moving parts. Children must not be allowed to operate or play with the gates.

Food Waste

If you watched or are aware of the food waste programme on the TV earlier this month, and want to take it further, there is more information and an online petition available at:

open... 23rd Oct 2015

AGM - Seed Orders - Bonfires & Pumpkins

Forthcoming AGM

Please note that we will be holding our 2015 AGM at a new venue - The Cornerstone Hall by St John's Church in West Byfleet,  on Friday13th November starting at 8.00pm prompt.  The agenda will be circulated nearer the date with copies of the last AGM minutes.

This is an important meeting - we will be looking to hold a debate on future projects and site security and will be looking for you input and vote.  So please make every effort to attend.

Organic Seed Catalogue

New for 2015 – Seed Order can now be submitted online.

Go to:  Then log-in with your email address and password. If you don’t know what your password is then click the “email me my password” link and enter your email address. Once logged in you will get a new menu on the right of the page – choose Seed Order Help.  Once you’re ready, choose Seed Order and then click the “Add Order” link. Once completed the order will be emailed to you, and if necessary you can amend it right up to the closing date.

This year's catalogue is now available.  To reserve your copy email (preferred) or add your name to the list on the notice board or call: 01932 340885.  Please make sure you include your name and contact details.


Please restrict your bonfires to the evenings on days when the smoke will not drift over adjoining housing. If you do need to have a bonfire, then please attend it until it goes out.

Pumpkin Alert

Halloween is nearly upon us and those of you who still have pumpkins maturing on your plot be aware that passing locals have a record of liberating pumpkins from plots at this time of year. Indeed the onset of early dark evenings is often the time we get uninvited human visitors. Please be vigilant, and report suspicious behaviour.

open... 13th Oct 2015

Incredible Edible

Transforming Communities with Edible Landscapes

On Behalf of Woking LA21 - a date for your diary

Incredible Edible: Transforming Communities with Edible Landscapes

Woking Local Action 21 welcomes Pam Warhurst, co-founder of the Incredible Edible movement to its Annual General Meeting. Pam will talk about how incorporating local food production into her community has changed the way people think about food. Local food brings many positive benefits to a community impacting on people, the environment and the local economy.


7.00pm, Thursday 26 November 2015


The WWF Living Planet Centre, Brewery Road, Woking

No need to book for this free event

For more information, please call 01483 743413
email or visit

Download the flier for this meeting


open... 20th Sep 2015

WBA News September 2015

Harvest Festival - Slow Worms - Security

Harvest Festival

Chris Hollingshurst, the vicar of St John's Church West Byfleet has invited all allotment holders to join the Harvest Festival service next Sunday 27th September at 10:00. Regardless of your beliefs, we are all welcome to attend and reflect on this year's crop. If you would like to bring some of your harvest it will be passed on to those in need. An opportunity to meet other members of the local community.


We are fortunate to have slow-worms at West Byfleet Allotments. They are legally protected and must not be killed or harmed.[this also applies to ALL UK snakes and lizards] At this time of year there will be a lot of baby slow-worms about having hatched in late August/ early September. They are around 4-9cm long. Unfortunately, birds find them attractive. If you find any on your plot please cherish them. The committee is interested in knowing about any sightings especially of the young.

Allotment Security

The more observant amongst you will have noticed some changes to our main gate. The gates can now be closed and a padlock and chain have been fitted. This will soon affect all plotholders. Watch out for the next newsletter where more will be forthcoming.


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