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open all open... 27th Jul 2018

West Byfleet Allotments Open Day

Sunday 5th August 2018

Cakes, Jams, produce refreshments and a chance to wander around the 150+ plots.

All proceeds from the day will be going to Woking and Sam Beare Hospices. Last year we raised over £500, please help make this year a success too.

How to find us

West Byfleet Allotments is at the end of Leisure Lane off Camphill Road, West Byfleet - KT14 6HF is as close a postcode as there is.

open... 15th Jan 2018

Rent, Trading Hut, Unloved Plots, Water Project, Reminders

Rent for 2018

Rents are due at this time of year, so once the hut is open, please come on down and settle your fees. As you will have seen from the AGM rents are the same as last year £24.00 made up of £0.50 membership + £23.50 per 5 rod plot.

Payment methods:
Cheque/cash at the trading hut on Sundays
Cheque posted to the Chairman (Fairwinds, Faris Lane, Woodham, KT15 3DJ)
Bank Transfer (Bank details are the same as last year. Please email me if you intend to do this).

Cheques should be made out to: "West Byfleet Allotments and Gardens Association"

Trading Hut

The trading hut will be opening on Sundays from 11th Feb. 10:00 - 12:00.  The main gates will be left open during this period.

As in previous years we will be re-stocking from our horticultural goods suppliers, Interhort (  As in previous years, we are offering plot-holders the opportunity to order goods on their own account as part of the Trading Hut order.  Note that this is not available to associate members or those on the waiting list.  Please let Bill Goodman ( know if you want to order anything before the end of the month - please be aware that prices on the Interhort site are ex.VAT.

Unloved Plots

Following a recent check, it's clear some plots had not been getting the TLC they deserve.  If you think you may be an owner of one of these plots, we urge you to contact the Chairman or Membership Secretary (Jane Weisz) to let us know what’s happening. Should we not hear from you, you may expect to receive an individual phone call or email on this matter.

Departures and sabbaticals – Are you considering giving up your plot? Please give us a heads up on your thoughts and plans.

There is a waiting list for plots and we want to assign new members their plots as soon as possible so they can get digging.

Water Project

We are hoping to start the installation of the tanks and piping on 1st February (weather permitting) when the positioning of the new tanks will start.  Council contractors will be on site from 5th when the trenching work will begin.  During this time both top and bottom roads will be closed where necessary and a number of piping trenches will be opened.  Please avoid falling and tripping in these as they are of course a safety hazard.

Water Project Help Wanted

We are looking for help with laying the piping and filling the trenches and are hoping to get teams of 3-4 people each day as we go along.  If you can help, please email me and let me know.

If all goes well the new water installation will be completed in a couple of weeks, but like all trips into the unknown...

If you are interested in having one of the old water tanks please let me know - they will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Other Reminders and Topics

Car tyres are now classified as hazardous waste.  If you have/use tyres on your plot it is your responsibility to have them removed should you give your plot up.

Please consider putting your plot number on the inside of your shed door.  This will help us identify which sheds belong to which plot.

Plot-holders are responsible for the paths around your plot. Please ensure that paths are kept clear and that structures such as fruit cages etc. are positioned far enough away from paths so wheelbarrows and lawnmowers can be used.

Washing vegetables - please don't use the water troughs for this as they silt up and can go foul.  Instead use water in a watering can or bucket.

open... 5th Nov 2017

AGM Agenda 2017 - Friday 10th November at 8:00pm

The Cornerstone Centre, St. Johns Church, West Byfleet

West Byfleet Allotment and Gardens Association

Annual General Meeting

Friday 10th November 2017 at 8.00pm
The Cornerstone Centre, St. Johns Church, West Byfleet


  1. Apologies for Absence

  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting (copy attached to email)

  3. Chairman's Report

  4. Site Secretaries Report

  5. Treasurer's Report and Balance Sheet (copy year end accounts attached to email)

  6. Water Project

  7. Rent and Subscriptions

  8. Election of Officials

    Chairman         -       Mike Booker
    Treasurer          -      David Williams
    Secretary         -       Bill Goodman
    Membership      -      Jane Weisz
    Site Manager     -     Rob Moore
    Trading Hut       -      Bill Goodman
    Members          -      Carol Grant
                                   David Stagg
                                   Grahame Walker
                                   Melissa Gill
                                   Dave Watkinson
                                   Stephen Cardis

  9. Presentation of the Challenge Shield

  10. Any other Business
open... 6th Aug 2017

Come to Our Open Day - Sunday 6th August 

Fundraising for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices

2-5 pm Sunday 6th August

Come and have a stroll around West Byfleet Allotments, learn about growing food and enjoy local stalls.

This is a fundraising for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices - all proceeds will go to them.

How to find us

West Byfleet Allotments is at the end of Leisure Lane off Camphill Road, West Byfleet - KT14 6HF is as close a postcode as there is.

Download the PDF flyer

open... 12th Dec 2016

Working Party Thanks, Bird Flu & Oak Processionary Moth

Working Party

Thank you to everyone who joined the working party on Sunday 27 November. We succeeded in clearing leaves from the entire length of the ditch, which will ensure that the winter rain is carried away as quickly as possible.

Bird Flu

For those of you who keep chickens and other poultry at home please follow the link below.

Oak Processionary Moths

There have been reports of Oak Processionary Moths (OPM) in Ripley and Woking, and the infestations are continuing to spread across Surrey. Oak trees around allotment plots are particularly partial to infestation.  OPM’s are known to cause skin rashes and should be reported to Woking BC if spotted. Please keep an eye out and report any sightings to the Council and a committee member if the sighting is on or near the allotments.

Find out more here:

The OPM caterpillars start emerging in April from eggs laid in Oak trees the previous summer.


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