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open all open... 22nd Nov 2016

Working Party / Water Project etc.

Working Party - This Sunday

Please help with this years ditch clearing. 10:00am on Sunday 27th November.  Bring wellies, gloves, secateurs etc.  We now have a couple of leaf-grabbers in our  possession which will of course be there. 

Proposed Renewal of Allotment Water Supply

A plan showing how water might be supplied to plotholders in the future is displayed on the Trading Hut Notice Board and available to download below. Approval for the financing of this work will be sought at the AGM in 2017 with the aim of starting this work shortly afterwards.

Draft water replacement plan

If you have any comments on this plan please send them to Rob Moore ( or leave them at the Trading Hut by 28 February 2017.

The Bottom Road

The wet season has started and as can be expected the bottom road has been closed to traffic.  Once drier weather allows, the road will be re-opened.  Please expect such closures following periods of persistent or heavy rain.

Woodham & New Haw Horticultural Club

I have been reminded that you are all invited to join the above club, which offers convivial social evenings and visits to attractive locations for people who often have had and, may still have, an active interest in gardening.

Their web site is at:

open... 28th Oct 2016

AGM, Seed Orders, Work Party, Bonfires, Stolen Veg

AGM - Friday 11th November

Please note that we will be holding our 2016 AGM in The Cornerstone Hall by St John's Church in West Byfleet, on Friday11th November starting at 8.00pm prompt

Watch out for a further emailnext week with the attachments for the AGM.  This is your annual opportunity to hear what's happening, being planned, have your say and a vote, so do make the effort to come - it is likely to be just one hour.

Organic Seed Catalogue

Seed Order must now be submitted online.

Go to:  Then log-in with your email address and password. If you don’t know what your password is then click the “email me my password” link and enter your email address - allow 5 mins for the email to arrive. Once logged in you will get a new menu on the right of the page – choose Seed Order Help.  Once you’re ready, choose Seed Order and then click the “Add Order” link. Once completed the order will be emailed to you, and if necessary you can amend it right up to the closing date.

Please order using the 2016 catalogue which was sent out last year.  If you need a copy of the catalogue please email seeds @ (preferred) or add your name to the list on the notice board or call: 01932 340885.  Please make sure you include your name and contact details.

Working Party

Please help with this years ditch clearing. 10:00am on Sunday 27th November.  Bring wellies, gloves, secateurs etc.  We now have a couple of leaf-grabbers in our  possession which will of course be there.

Wildlife & Bonfires

It is the big tidy up season so spare a thought for the little creatures who make their winter home in any pile of debris. We do NOT recommend bonfires but if you insist on having one don't leave piles of material hanging about for ages before setting them alight because there may be loads of tiny barely visible creatures (e.g baby frogs and toads) already settled in.

Stolen Crops

Regrettably I have to report that veg has been taken from a plot.  Tomatoes and blueberries from a fruit cage. As the gates are locked, it can only be another plot-holder.  Please, if you see someone acting suspiciously either ask them what they are up to or take a note and alert a committee member.

open... 10th May 2016

Gate Operating Tips

Tips for safely using the gates

A couple of recent incidents with the gates means I need to warn you about your safety when opening and closing them.

I'm asking for your help in making sure you leave the gates correctly and also don't injure yourselves whilst operating them.

Tip One

When you close and lock the gates, please secure the gate on the right (as seen from the outside) with the bolt that goes into the ground and make sure the bolt on the other gate is not hanging free - it does have a notch so you can set the bolt not to drag on the ground.  If left down when opening the gates from the outside, the bolt catches the ground and bounces the gate back into you.  So also be aware that this may happen to you when opening the gate.

Tip Two

When operating the gates, please only work one gate at a time and make sure the other gate is not left to swing free in the wind.  Last week one of the gates blew into a plot-holder causing a bruising and black eye.#

Tip Three

The bar that slides between the two gates can easily clip your fingers, especially when opening it - be aware and slide it carefully.

I know that sometimes we can be just popping in and the gate is not a priority, but please take time to make sure you and others are not at risk.

Thank you

open... 6th May 2016

It's Competition Time

Dates for you diary

Woking Allotment Competition

The Woking Allotments competition judging will take place in early July. In addition to the Tunis Cup for the best kept allotment site, there are individual plot holders prizes awarded.

If you want to be nominated for any of these categories, please let me know before 19th June.

Individual categories are:

  • Ted Smith Shield - Best Plot in Borough
  • Leam challenge Shield  - Best 1st Year Plot holder
  • Benstead Scroll - Best Plot Cultivated by a Gardener over 70 Years of Age
  • Ashley Slocock - Best Plot Cultivated by a Lady

Attached is the judging criteria.

Last year WBA plot holders were awarded 2nd prize for best plot and 3rd prize for best ladies plot, whilst the site went from 2nd equal to 5th for best allotment site.

Other Show Dates For Your Diary

Pyrford and Wisley Flower Show
Saturday 9th July 2016

Chertsey Agricultural Show
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August

Woodham & New Haw  Horticultural Club
Sunday 4th September

Do consider entering, as a show is not a show without entries!

open... 5th May 2016

Waitrose Green Token Scheme

Shop in June and use your token wisely

Waitrose Green Token Scheme

Waitrose have selected the West Byfleet Allotments and Gardens Association to receive a donation from their Community Matters Green Token Scheme.

If you are shopping in Waitrose during June please donate your green token to the Association, using the collection box provided in the store.  The number of tokens collected will determine the size of the financial donation from Waitrose. This donation will be used to fund the replacement of the trading hut roof and the safe disposal of the old asbestos roofing sheets


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