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open all open... 13th Oct 2015

Incredible Edible

Transforming Communities with Edible Landscapes

On Behalf of Woking LA21 - a date for your diary

Incredible Edible: Transforming Communities with Edible Landscapes

Woking Local Action 21 welcomes Pam Warhurst, co-founder of the Incredible Edible movement to its Annual General Meeting. Pam will talk about how incorporating local food production into her community has changed the way people think about food. Local food brings many positive benefits to a community impacting on people, the environment and the local economy.


7.00pm, Thursday 26 November 2015


The WWF Living Planet Centre, Brewery Road, Woking

No need to book for this free event

For more information, please call 01483 743413
email or visit

Download the flier for this meeting


open... 20th Sep 2015

WBA News September 2015

Harvest Festival - Slow Worms - Security

Harvest Festival

Chris Hollingshurst, the vicar of St John's Church West Byfleet has invited all allotment holders to join the Harvest Festival service next Sunday 27th September at 10:00. Regardless of your beliefs, we are all welcome to attend and reflect on this year's crop. If you would like to bring some of your harvest it will be passed on to those in need. An opportunity to meet other members of the local community.


We are fortunate to have slow-worms at West Byfleet Allotments. They are legally protected and must not be killed or harmed.[this also applies to ALL UK snakes and lizards] At this time of year there will be a lot of baby slow-worms about having hatched in late August/ early September. They are around 4-9cm long. Unfortunately, birds find them attractive. If you find any on your plot please cherish them. The committee is interested in knowing about any sightings especially of the young.

Allotment Security

The more observant amongst you will have noticed some changes to our main gate. The gates can now be closed and a padlock and chain have been fitted. This will soon affect all plotholders. Watch out for the next newsletter where more will be forthcoming.

open... 18th May 2015

WBA Newsletter - May 2015

Competition Time

The Woking Allotments competition judging will take place on 8th & 9th of July. In addition to the Tunis Cup for the best kept allotment site, there are individual plot holders prizes awarded. If you want to be nominated for any of these categories, please let me know before 21st June.

Individual categories are:

  • Ted Smith Shield Best Plot in Borough
  • Leam challenge Shield Best 1st Year Plot holder
  • Benstead Scroll Best Plot Cultivated by a Gardener over 70 Years of Age
  • Ashley Slocock Best Plot Cultivated by a Lady

Available for download are the judging criteria. Last year WBA plot holders were awarded 1st prize for best plot and 1st prize for best ladies plot, 2nd prize for best over 70s, 6th and 7th for best new comer, whilst the site went from 11th to 2nd equal for best allotment site.



Spring and summer is not the time for bonfires. The smoke can penetrate growing fruit and vegetables and taint their taste. If you have rubbish you need to get rid of during the growing seasons, please take it to Martyr's Lane.


Please remember it is your responsibility to keep paths under control, and to help your neighbours mow grass try to keep netting and fencing away from the edge so it doesn't catch the mower/strimmer blades. Any extra areas of grass you feel you can help with is of course always welcome.

Trading Hut

We have now re-stocked with compost, and have managed to keep the price at £4.50 a bag.

Lower Car Park

Many thank to all of you who helped with the lower car park. Particular thanks to Rob and Dave for an excellent job in re-bricking.

Main Gate

We intend to trial the locking of the main gate at some point this year. The concept is that the first person in the morning will open the gate and the last car leaving will lock it behind them. The lock (combination) will be fixed such that you will be able to open it from the inside in case you get locked in. We are awaiting the supply of the lock from Woking BC.

Summer BBQ

If you would like a BBQ this summer, then please let me know. Currently potential dates are 6th, 19th July. I know we can't please everyone, but if you can give a preference... If you are willing to help, that would be great.

open... 5th Feb 2015

Trading Hut and Rent for 2015

Opening every Sunday from 10:00 -12:00 8th Feb to July 2015

Trading Hut and Rent for 2015

The trading hut will be opening on Sundays again from 8th Feb.   Opening hours are 10:00 'til 12:00.

Rents are also due at this time of year, so once the hut is open, please come on down and settle your fees. As you will have seen from the AGM rents are £1 more than last year £22.00 made up of £21.50 per 5 rod plot + £0.50 membership.

Payment methods:

Cheque at the trading hut on Sundays
Cheque posted to the Chairman (Fairwinds, Faris Lane, Woodham, KT15 3DJ)
Bank Transfer (Please email me if you intend to do this and I will give you the WBA bank details)

Cheques should be made out to: "West Byfleet Allotments and Gardens Association"

open... 24th Oct 2014

Newsletter 16 & AGM - 10th Nov. 8:00 pm

In this issue

Forthcoming AGM
Organic Seed Catalogue
Working Parties
Pumpkin Alert

Forthcoming AGM

Please note that we will be holding our 2014 AGM at our usual venue, Our Lady Help of Christians Church on Madeira Road West Byfleet, on Monday 10th November starting at 8.00pm prompt. The agenda will be circulated nearer the date with copies of the last AGM minutes.

Help Required

We have a small number of potential future projects and are looking for help from plotholders to do research into options and costs. If you are willing to help, can spend a bit of time costing items, please let me know.

We are always looking for members to join the committee, so if you would like to become a committee member there will be an opportunity to step forward.

Organic Seed Catalogue

This year’s catalogue is now available.

Mid-November: Orders must be returned to Mike no later than the AGM.
Late-December: Orders arrive and continue as items are available.

To reserve your copy email seeds @ (preferred) or add your name to the list on the notice board or call: 01932 340885. Please make sure you include your name and contact details.

Working Party

We are holding a working party on Sunday 30 November 2014 at 10am to clear leaves from the ditches which lead to the Dartnell Park culvert. Wellington boots and gloves are recommended and useful tools to bring are rakes, forks and leaf grabbers. Please join us if you can, as many hands make light work.


Please restrict your bonfires to the evenings on days when the smoke will not drift over adjoining housing. If you do need to have a bonfire, then please attend it until it goes out.

Pumpkin Alert

Halloween is nearly upon us and those of you who still have pumpkins maturing on your plot be aware that passing locals have a record of liberating pumpkins from plots at this time of year.

Indeed the onset of early dark evenings is often the time we get uninvited human visitors. Please be vigilant, and report suspicious behaviour.


Plot Holders

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