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open all open... 24th Jun 2021

Oak Processionary Moth

Following a recent tree inspection it has confirmed that most of the oak trees on W Byfleet Allotments have nests of Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars.

If disturbed, the hairs from these caterpillars can cause irritation and rashes. The hairs are microscopic and thus not easy to see. You should avoid touching the oak trees.  

You can find out more from the Forestry Commission web site:

A quote from their web site states:

"We strongly advise people not to touch or approach the caterpillars or their nests because of the health risks posed by the hairs. Pets and livestock can also be affected and should be kept away as well."
"People should see a pharmacist for relief from milder skin or eye irritations following possible OPM contact, or consult a GP or NHS111 for more-serious reactions. Contact a vet if animals are seriously affected."

Further information can be found at:

And public and animal health advice here:

Please note that with the amount of infection found on site it is likely that the trees have been infected over the last few years and to date there have been no reported problems from the allotments.  However it would be sensible to be cautious.

open... 1st May 2021

Water Conservation, New Members, Site Security and more...

Water Conservation

Water is a vital resource and the water troughs around the allotment may look like a free supply for you to help yourself, but it's our most expensive extra cost - both in terms of money and the environment. Have a look at our Tips and Ticks page on conserving water.

A reminder that hoes pipes are not allowed - either to connect to the water system or to syphon water off from the troughs. 

New Members

Recently we have had a turn over of plots and new members are starting out.  Why not say hello and make them feel welcome.

Site Security

Please remember to keep the main gates to the allotment closed at all times.  Unwanted visitors who dump rubbish and do damage need to be discouraged by closed gates.

Help Wanted

Currently we don't have anyone maintaining the wheel barrows.  If you come across one that needs repairing, put it to one side or think about repairing it yourself.

Grass Cutting

Yet another reminder - as a plot-holder you are responsible for maintaining the paths and road verge around your plot. And if you have your mower and strimmer out, why not mow your neighbours plot or the centre of the road near you too.  Every little bit helps.


open... 22nd Jan 2021

Trading Hut Opening, Rent for 2021 and Snow

Trading Hut

The Trading Hut will be opening again this year on Sunday 7th February and each subsequent Sunday until late June.  Opening times are 10:00am to 12:00 noon. Outside of these hours you can purchase items by arrangement with a committee member.

Fresh stock is due to arrive before we open, and this year we will have some bags of peat-free compost as well as our normal compost.

Please wear a face mask when coming to the hut.  We will be operating a counter only service using a pasting table across the doors. 

Payment for items can be made with cash or by bank transfer.  We do not have a card facility but I will take cheques if necessary.

Rent for 2021

Rents for this year are now due. plots fees are the same as last year:

Full 10 rod plot: 48.00
Half plot: 24.00
Quarter plot: 12:00

In addition to your rent is the annual membership fee, which for 2021 is 1.00.  

You can see your total rent due by logging into the members' area of the web site and going to the "Your Details" page. If you are sharing a plot the rent shown is for both of you, not just your share - please don't pay twice.

Rent can be paid in the Trading Hut or by bank transfer.  If paying by bank transfer please ensure you use your name and/or plot number as the reference so we can identify the payment as yours.


Tip: If you have a fruit cage or other veg covered by netting, be aware that any heavy snowfall can damage the cage as this photo from a few years ago shows.

Snow hammocks over brassicas

Snow hammocks over brassicas

open... 20th Dec 2020

The Allotments and Tier 4

Help to keep our allotments a safe place.

The allotments are still open BUT we are being told this new variant of the virus is significantly more transmissible and therefore please take extra care - gates, water tanks, and all common facilities etc. 


  • You should not mix at all;
  • Ensure social distance rules are strictly followed;
  • No visitors please.

If you have any symptoms please do not come to the allotments - let's help to keep each other safe and the allotments open. 

Thank you and enjoy your Christmas as best as you can.

Let's hope next year is somewhat better!

open... 6th Nov 2020

Lockdown Again the AGM and Work Parties

Lockdown (again) 

The allotments are still open. Please behave responsibly - we are all in this together and need to get through it together. Stay up-to-date by checking the National Allotments Society Coronavirus news page 


This year's AGM will be done via email. This email will hopefully go out on 20th November and contain the usual reports. Please look out for it. 

If you have questions you need raised on the reports or other matters, please then email them between 20th and 30th of November. A response to all questions will then be sent out to you all via another email. The documents sent out and the questions and responses will form the minutes of the AGM. 

Work Parties 

The pandemic has meant that we have had to make changes to our plans for the coming year. Unfortunately it will no longer be possible to convene working parties for the foreseeable future, but you can still help in several ways. 

In the case of the ditches we would ask that in the week ending 1st December, at a time to suit yourself, you help by removing leaves from the ditch bordering Dartnell Park. Additionally if you have a plot backing on to Stoop Court, please cut back any weeds to the boundary fence.

Thank you.


Plot Holders

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