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open all open... 9th Jul 2012

Summer BBQ 2012 - a sunny success

The allotments BBQ on Sunday 8th July was well attended, with around 50 tickets sold, and lots of food prepared, cooked and eaten.  And to round it all off the clouds parted, the sun shone, and it was warm - almost like summer really!

As you would imaging from allotment holders, there were no leftovers of any of the 10 or so different salads, and the main course and puddings proved popular too.

Many thanks to the organiser Sue Booker and all those who helped prepare dishes and clear away afterward.

You can see the photos in our gallery


open... 10th Jun 2012

Woking Allotments Competition and Woking in Bloom

Cancelled due to drought

Due to the drought the allotments competition and Woking in Bloom have both been cancelled by Woking Borough Council.

Quote: "It is important that the Council and residents support the water companies at this challenging time and as a result, the Council feels it is appropriate not to encourage behaviour which may increase water consumption and further stretch local water resources."

open... 4th Jan 2012

Bottom Road Closed

Due to the wet weather it has been necessary to close the bottom road again.

Vehicle damage when the ground is waterlogged is severe, and there are already a few areas that will need repairing in the Spring.

It is inconvenient when the road is closed, but even more inconvenient to manage significant repairs. 

Please be patient, the road will be opened when the ground is drier and damage is less likely to occur.

open... 10th Dec 2011

Rent Increase for 2012

Following the AGM it has been agreed to increase the rents for 2012 to counter the deficit made during 2011.

Rents will go up by 2.00 a plot to 19.50 (plus 0.50p membership).

WB Allotments are still the cheapest in Woking Borough, and amongst the lowest in the country.

open... 9th Oct 2011

AGM - 14th November

8:00pm in Catholic Church Hall, West Byfleet

Do try and make the AGM, it's your opportunity to hear how the year has gone, and to pitch in with your thoughts and ideas.


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